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Pinnacle Power designs, builds, operates and finances district energy networks for communities.

Pinnacle Power designs, builds, operates and finances district energy networks for communities. We work with local authorities and property developers to reduce costs, energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Once a district energy network is operational, we remain an active partner throughout its lifetime working with our clients to unlock further value and enhance its operation for the benefit of all.

Working with Pinnacle Power, a district energy network benefits from our commitments to:

Network design

Our expertise is independent of any specific technology enabling us to find opportunities to create the ideal network for every community rather than forcing a specific solution.


Engineering excellence delivers a lower cost of ownership, reduced maintenance and more dependable energy supply with greater resilience and minimal downtime.


We are not just focused on low carbon, we are working towards zero carbon. By incorporating flexibility into the design, we can ensure that each network we build is as future-proofed as possible and positioned to take advantage of changes in technology or regulations.

Operational support

As focused as we are on engineering excellence, we understand that this is only p art of the solution. We help set up billing platforms, customer service portals, legal frameworks and any other service that is needed to enable clients to support their customers more effectively.

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Pinnacle Power is part of Pinnacle Group

Pinnacle provides people-first services across a range of community-facing assets and infrastructure – including multi-tenure housing, schools, open spaces, public buildings, utilities and broadband networks – as well as a range of complementary employment and wellbeing outcomes.

On behalf of the public sector, institutional investors, registered housing providers and private sector partners, we deliver tailored solutions that are not just comprehensive and integrated, but also create long-term value within the communities we serve.

Our business activity covers a comprehensive range of seamless management and wellbeing services that enrich communities, alongside the supply of utilities such as heat and broadband networks which enable communities to flourish.

In addition, we are able to leverage our successful track record in delivering large-scale housing-led regeneration. We do this through a process that draws on our longstanding relationships with public sector land-owners and private sector developers that effectively enables and facilitates extensive placemaking activity funded through appropriate investment structures.


Strengthening communities through integrated management solutions across all living sectors


Putting the customer at the heart of facilities management services


Joining up communities through sustainable district heating and fibre broadband solutions


Transforming lives through employment, wellbeing and community impact initiatives

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